Sonja travels the world

I remember asking my mother how many countries there are in the world, and how long ot would take me to see all of them. When she answered “It would take you a lifetime, dear” I felt dissapointed first. But then I realized that this is what my life should be about: Travelling the world, meeting all the different people and most important: eat spagetti in every city that I visited.

This is what I´m doing since I dropped out of school. I do have friends all over the world, but I haven´t met most of them twice in my life. I hardly go home to visit my parents, I missed almost every birthday of my familiy members and I don´t save for my retirement. I don´t even know if I´m still alive when I am growing older. Sometimes people tell me that it´s absolutely insane what I do, but most people admire me – or at least that´s what they tell me. They say that they wouldn´t have the courage to do what I´m doing, and all I answer is that I wouldn´t have the courage to stay in a city more than a month. Who knows what I´d be missing out there?

But sometimes, when I´m sitting at some café in a new town, seeing all the couples holding hands and looking happy, some kind of sadness gets ahold of me. I suddenly think of all the birthdays I´ve missed, my grandparents funerals which I´ve missed, my future husband (which I´m still hoping to find some day). I´m thinking about the future and what happens if I can´t travel any more. I´m a bit scared about all that sometimes, but usually this only takes a couple of hours. I find it helps me a lot knowing that at least I´ve been at places, most of the people have never heard about. And when I die, at least I know where I want to be buried. My hometown has the nicest graveyard I´ve ever seen.

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