Divine Diversity

Have you ever felt different than other people? Is it your skin color, your height, your body size or your sexual preferences that set you apart? And most important, does one of this things really matter to you, to other people or your creator (be it god, the universe, …)?

The Divine Diversity project is all about being different and feeling good about it. We live in times, where difference between races, beliefs and all kinds of things seem to be really controversial – sometimes being different even can cause you some serious trouble. My goal with this project is to show that being different means nothing else than being normal. This is why I decided to do short interviews with everyone who is up for it. You can be part of it and share your story – show us your „difference“ and tell the world about how great it is to be a unique, divine human being.

I don´t believe that being different is good or bad. Being different means nothing more than being able to think for yourself, living free of fear and social, cultural or religious standards.

Just in case you find this project interesting, please share this with all your friends. And if you want to participate, just drop me an email – I´d love to do a short interview and a photo shoot with you as well!